Lift gates, sliding gates and roller gates

IIPM – robot safe gate- and safety fence- components

A special feature are the lifting and the sliding gates as well as the safety fence elements in the robot-safe version. Here, the guides and fillings of the gates are designed so that a defined robotic impact intercepted and the gates are ready for use as quickly as possible after a small repair effort. In addition to the protection if the workers in the field of application of the robot, which is absolutely in the foreground, the shortened repairs also possible downtime of the production plant and thus not inconsiderable costs are saved.

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For our lifting gates, sliding gates and rolling gates

IPM Lift gates

Electric drive in different versions

IPM Lift gastes (Robot Safe)

Lift gates

Pneumatic variant

Sliding gates


Aluminum and foil roller gates

Special solutions

Robotic sliding gates for container stations and lift gates for area separations

Through the use of in-house components such as the gate and safety fence technology in conjunction with the steel construction and the conveyor technology, the IPM container stations as well as the tower and removable storage devices ate characterized by a very high degree of flexibility coupled with cost advantages.