Security technology

The IPM safety system consists of the components gate technology, steel construction and safety fence.

One area of application for the gates and the safety fence system is the area separation as personal production. Fully automatic lifting an sliding gates with pneumatic or electric drive, roller doors and high-speed film gates are used here.

The pneumatic drive in conjunction with the special door guide, in addition to the advantage of cost savings in the components of a virtually wear-free operation, with the result that, even after very long maturity as good as no maintenance or spate parts costs. Another significant advantage is that the doors are delivered completely pre-assembled to the construction site and the customer only has to put them into operation, which in turn saves time and money.

All machine guidelines and standards are adhered to: 

2006/42/EG DIN EN 12453 und 953 DIN EN ISO 12100, 11161 und 13857

Robotic safe safety fence


Safety enclosure