Laser protection cabins

The IPM laser cabins are a tailor-made system solution for almost all laser processes in industrial production as well as for marking or inspection tasks.

The modular design can be combined with freely position able process, access and maintenance gates as well as all types of locks and floodgates; on request, of course, also with enclosures, sound insulation or veneers for additional components.

The optional electrical and mechanical elements are individually designed for the design of the cabins depending on the task and requirement.

Of course, the IPM laser cabins comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the execution guidelines DIN EN 60825-1/4and 12254 and DIN EN ISO 11553-1!

Laser safety up to 8 kW without Laserspy!

We have successfully developed a new laser protection system. The aim was to launch a system that was tested according to the valid machine guidelines. Only in this way we have the opportunity to deliver protective cells with a declaration of conformity, as this confirms compliance with valid machine guidelines. IPM laser booths differ from other providers due to the improved and unique wall construction. Due to the wall coating of the inorganic material “IPMineral” the cabins with a laser power of 8 kW can withstand even without electronic fuses.

Active or passive laser protection?

The requirements for a laser cabin depend on the power of the laser and the duration of the work cycle. So far, it was only possible with a laser power of 8 kW to execute the laser cabin with a laser spy as active laser protection. Active laser safety cabins are very costly due to the installation of the electronic safety components. Thanks to our improved layer construction of the wall elements, we can guarantee the same level of safety more cost-effectively even without Laserspy.

IPM Laserguard

IPM Laserguards panels are coated with IPMineral, a proprietary (and patented) inorganic material. Thus, the cabins can withstand a laser power of 8 kW even without electronic fuses. The wall elements made of IPM Laserguards panels were developed and tested in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42 EC section 1.1.2 “Principles for the integration of safety” and section 1.5.12 for “Laser safety”. They therefore comply with all standards of radiation safety of laser devices according to DIN EN 60825.1/4 and 12254 and DIN EN ISO 11553-1.


Due to the different possible combinations of the IPM Laserguard boards in the wall construction the wall thickness and the layer structure can be adapted exactly to the requirements of the laser protection and thus the costs are kept very low. Optionally, the laser protection cabins can also be designed with sound-absorbing elements. In addition, we offer various versions of robotic and laser-safe lifting gates, sliding gates and roller shutters from our standard product range as well as complete conveyor technology solutions for the laser safety cabins.

Laser protection reports

Testing of laser protection wall elements of the company IPM GmbH & Co KG according to DIN EN 60825-4 appendix “D”.

Laser protection laboratory experiments

The examinations took place at the TU in Munich and were accompanied by a laser expert from Germany.

Task description

The company IPM GmbH & Co KG has developed a system of laser protection wall elements whose main feature is the use of IPM Laserguard panels. As part of the test in accordance with DIN EN 60825-4 Annex “D”, the IPM was also requested to provide appropriate evidence of possible health hazards or to request it from the manufacturer of the base material. Since laser protection cabins represent a safety component, the elements of the laser protection wall system must be suitable for ensuring laser safety over the life cycle of a system. IPM was required to provide evidence of the expected consistent property over a period of X years. The manufacturer of the plates speaks in informative documents about a confirmed lifetime of the material of more than 60 years.

System description

The different wall elements are a combination of 1mm coated sheet steel with absorbing dark surface and IPM Laserguard sheets. The dimensions and the system structure are described in the respective representation.

Physical Properties

The 9 mm IPM Laserguard plates: 

• Thickness and tolerances 9 ± 0,5 mm

• Bulk density, nominal 1250 kg / m3

• Thermal conductivity EN 10456 0.55 W/(m • K)

Hygiene, health and environmental protection

Influence on air quality and emission of hazardous substances for soil and water. The following is started by the manufacturer of the Laserguard plates.

• No dangerous substances

• The fibers used are not carcinogenic  

• The plates do not use biocidal products

• Likewise, no fire retardants are used  

• The cadmium is not used in the plates  

• The formaldehyde: concentration <0.01mg/m3 formaldehyde class E1.

The entire report with all measured values can be requested under:

IPM lifting-, sliding- and rolling gates

An important component of a laser protection cabin are the robotic and laser-safe lift and slide gates for a smooth infeed and outfeed of the components.

Through our laser-safe lifting gates, the infeed and outfeed tunnels can be easily realized in a modular system at any position. The rolling gates serve for facilitated maintenance as in e.g. robot removal. Also sliding gates in horizontal or vertical position are possible through our standardized gate range. All passage components, e.g. the individual doors are executed by us with electronic access security and security switching.

Conveyor technology and automation

As an additional component to the laser safety cabin, we develop, design and produce a comprehensive conveyor technology program for piece goods in almost all weight classes.

Whether gravity roller conveyors, conveyor belts, massive roller conveyors, spare parts or other conveyor components. The years of experience of our core team guarantees a high potential for solutions and perfect functionality.

Monitoring - Camera system 

Completely assembled and installed consisting of:
Dome industrial color camera (with camera control panel) and industrial monitor with operating housing on stand Optional with digital recorder.

Rail system

C-rails for integration balancer with steel cable 9-14kg, 4-7kg, 3-6kg robot removal rails


Cabin ventilation/extraction with laser-tight cover and required filters.
Interface inside


Interior lighting of the cabins incl. cable duct and switch

Platform system

Stairs and ladders • Stairs 35° 45° & 50° • ladder with back protection

Landing • Quarter platform • Passage step • two-quarter platform

The railing is bolted and always equipped with knee rail and rolling edge.