Warehouse and production stages 

With our storage platforms and production platforms, they can increase their production space and storage space efficiently and thus reduce their storage costs. Our stages can be constructed as independent elements but can also be integrated into existing shelving systems or existing systems such as Machines, tanks, production lines, etc. are overbuilt. The span of the storage platforms can be over 10 meters and with stairs and walkways also multi-storey.

Construction and profile system

The Euro®Profile is specially designed for use in storage platforms and offers many advantages compared to other profiles.

The main advantage of a Euro® profile is that it can be pushed into one another. In this way, with cold-rolled profiles larger spans can be achieved, which can be used to replace heavy, non-variable and expensive systems. It is also possible to slide the profiles only partially into one another, so that the storage platform can be mounted flexibly in width. 

Video of the application examples for our warehouses and production stages

Standard colors

Our storage platforms are supplied in the following standard colors. All colors are to be combined with each other. Upon customer request, all steel parts in any desired color can be painted according to the RAL color chart.

IPM storage shelves

• Stability
• Innovation
• Security
• Precision
• Quality

IPM Room-Solutions

Individual planning

A solution optimally planned according to economic aspects is a matter of course for us. We plan all projects individually according to your requirements. You will not receive a product off the shelf but your personal solution.

We advise you exclusively by our trained consultants. In addition to personal support, you will receive informative offers and, on request, CAD drawings. With the technology of the 3D-CAD drawings you will receive further added value.

The specialist consultant responsible for you will be in charge of you, if necessary, from the first contact to the final acceptance and further.

We are pleased to offer the assembly of all products as standard. We work together with our reliable assembly partners for the assembly of our products. On request, the self-assembly with an understandable assembly instructions is possible.

IPM room systems

Hall offices


To maintain your flexibility means to stay independent. Wherever enclosed space systems are required, changes can occur over time. In order to be able to work effectively in the future, optimal room conditions are essential. With our #flexible room systems

Are you well prepared for the changes in your premises? The advantages of a modular system are versatile. Fools can be added or the basic area increased.




The optical and acoustic separation of production equipment is becoming increasingly important. Again, the innovative wall system provides an effective solution. Different combinations of partial glass elements or full elements of full elements for complete optical separation takes place for security reasons or is intended to delineate the transit traffic, these partition wall systems are the solution.


Structural steel platforms


Storage platforms offer you the option of expanding your available space as required by installing additional levels. Compared to fixed intermediate levels, you are also flexible in later changes. Combining flexible room system such as hall officers with steel construction systems is one of our daily tasks. Multi-storey systems are therefore no problem. The combination of room system and steel construction is a proven and respected solution.


Flexible modular system


The high-quality powder-coated steel parts from the basis of the hall offices and the partition wall systems. The metal supports that fix the wall elements make the system extremely stable. Various glass options in doors or wall elements as well as individual RAL color shades complete your project.


All from one hand


Through competent advice on site and short distances in a flexible project team, we offer optimal service. Individual planning according to your requirements is as natural for us as our own high-quality production in Germany. Here you receive advice, planning, production and assembly from a single source.


Combination solutions


Short reaction times and flexible work processes are our recipe for success. Therefore, all combined structures of steel construction, such as storage platforms, double-decker systems as well as stairs and railings, are planned and manufactured by ourselves. Your advantages: speed, individuality and cost-effectiveness.