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Cobot Handling Robot

CNC-Cobotsolution increases production output

The Elfin Cobot is a new type of collaborative six-axis-robot. With the targeted use of the cobot, you can produce without interruption. You can convert idle times without staff into productive hours (24/7)

Project management and realization

Special machines and plant engineering, as service, combined with realization, course and consultation

Extensive consulting and project competence is in addition to professional execution, an important feature of our philosophy and performance. That’s why we work with you in consultation with you as early as possible during the planning process. In this way, the requirements for a new product can be precisely coordinated in good time and the production equipment can be optimally adapted to the tasks set. Existing plants can be included. As a reliable partner to our customers, we implement the development task from the engineering service to the production-ready plant together with you.

This means that we always analyze, advice, plan, develop, construct and manufacture in close cooperation with our clients. Throughout the process, important data is collected in our computer system. In this way, all results obtained in the entire development process are always available as a current working basis. For each major order we put together a project managers is your point of contact for the entire term.


Production process improvement

Production planning and control is still at the heart of every industrial enterprise today. The focus is on the optimization of the entire production system. Production systems describe the holistic production organization and contain the representation of all concepts, methods and tools, wich in their interaction make up the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire production process. Here we can optimally support you with our experience and frequently implemented projects in the most diverse sectors and industries and help you to increase your efficiency and reduce costs in you optimization and new projects and constantly.

We carry out an analysis and optimization of the production process along the value added.

● Meaningful reduction of stocks

● Checking the storage system and storage conditions

● Shortening lead times reduce storage costs and storage space

● Quality first

● Ensuring FIFO and One piece flow

Automation solutions 

Our strengths are your profit!

Trough our countless applications and implemented projects in automation, we can draw on a variety of experience and expertise here. Efficiency and productivity through automation. In order to meet the general demand for fast processing options with automation solutions, we create tailor-made automatic production line concepts and accompany you from the start to the acceptance of your systems. Inevitably, the partnership between customers and developers leads to new ideas for special machines, i. to new turnkey automation solutions for the customer.

Logistics solutions

In order to organize, carry out and optimize the in-house material flow, the companies need technical aids- storage and conveyor technology. Through the use of modern warehousing and conveyor technology, companies can significantly reduce their logistics costs and make logistics processes more effective and efficient. For example, cranes and hoists, pallets and palletizing systems, forklifts, warehousing and racking systems, conveying and sorting systems, automatic order-picking systems including control of the plants are used.

We can offer technical solutions for the in-house material flow and integrate you into the project right from the start, as the customer is an essential part of the individual component, up to the complex plant either as planner and consultant or with component in the realization.

Product development

Together with the customer, we discuss exactly which points are important for the new product. Key data is recorded and a specification sheet is created on request. In product development, it is important to us that we do not bring a product in the hundredth variety on the market, but we ask ourselves how we can most easily fulfill the purpose of the solution.

If you refer to our philosophy on the redesign of a coffee maker that would not be what the next-generation coffee machine looks like, but how do we get the best coffee? Ideas must be communicated to the customer. We do that with modern 3D animations and visualizations. Once the customer has decided on a solution, the ideas are translated into a 3D design. The customer can receive the data in a suitable 3D format or order a complete tool design immediately.

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